Tuesday, 8 July 2008

A Certain Resignation

So I'm taking the pills again
Recovery comes at me like a rattlesnake.
I'm a burnt out wreck,
A slough on dessicated sands,
Quartzine and dazzling, sentinelled by cacti.

Love comes less easily
Though of late has come too easily.
I sit naked in an obscurity
Of the garden, by the hairy stems
Of the raspberry canes; hot sun helps.

Beside me, babe sleeps,
Solid as a bible in the shade.
The village bus runs through -
They cannot see me
Drinking melanoma as if my life depended on it.

November, I blinked and
Now it's May. I'm white
Scrawny, a withered Cassius
Encaved too-long, batlike,
Or last gherkin in the pickle jar.

Helicopters rattle over head
Like the sweet wild bees.
There is no rural silence
This side of the border.
A Hawker Hunter tears the sky in two.

You bring me a bagel,
Humous, sliced pepper,
Cucumber, olives in the blue bowl.
Babe struggles in a nest of goosegrass,
Fists the stems into his mouth.

The sun whirls across the sky.
Blink and you'd miss it.
You are too good to me.
Your lips are red.
My bum is burnt.



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