Monday, 7 July 2008

Are you "elevated" but able to work?

Of the eighty statues spread over five tennis courts of vertical area, you know every fault of each of them - you know the history of interventions for each, by heart, and you pluck it out and speak it as fast as you can.

Their brains cannot take it.

Slow down slow down slow... down...

You've been imbibing information faster than you can think. Take pity on the professionals... the architect, the surveyor, the consultant, the assistants... they are trying to keep up, and they are beginning to feel stupid - you can see it in their eyes, and so you want to compensate... but the more you try to add extraneous detail to the narrative, the worse it gets...

They expected a report of about 20-40 pages. They got more than 300. But it was accurate. It was a true record. It was a flower that never flowers in these modern times.

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