Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Testicles By Firelight

There was a post over at Terra Incognita's that touched on simultaneous shyness and extravertism. It put me in mind of a story.

About nine years ago we were throwing a new year's eve party at a very remote farmhouse in Wales. There was no road. No electric. No running water (apart from the stream outside). Anyway, about thirty people duly turned up, and we were all there in the candlelight, half of them knew each other, the other half didn't, and it really seemed that an icebreaker was called for.

Now I am often rather shy in company - often sneer at the people who have a me-me-me compulsion. I'm the chap who makes the joke of the moment to complete bafflement, and twenty minutes later when the goldfish minds have adjusted, the loudest person will make the same joke (and I believe full well it's not intentional plagiarism - purely unconscious) to howls of laughter, guffaws and peeing of pants etc.

Where was I? Oh yes, the ice-breaker. I just started dealing cards at people. Aces High Strip Poker. Of course everyone was game, and the game duly continued until all were naked. Except my SO - I'd been sparing her (cardsharp) - she was mightily pissed off I recall - (actually that could be rather revealing, my unrevealment of her delicious revealishness - mmmmm... leave that for another day).

Is there a point to this? I think shyness can be a natural defence against the manic streak (streak in both senses of the word). When I lift the lid, and let myself be uninhibited, then for goodness sake, uninhibited I am. It's when you have no grip on the lid that it all gets horrible.

p.s. I was stood in front of a roaring coal fire. The firelight shining through my dangly bits has become mythologized by the people there that night.


Terra Incognita said...

Oh holy cow, you hast maketh me laugh tonight!! And more than once!
Thanks for that. I sincerely appreciate you. I'm so glad you dropped in on my little world.

Abysmal Musings said...

I'm glad it amused you! Hugs back. Take care, D :-)