Monday, 29 September 2008

Abysmal Moron

Why am I such an idiot? Why can't I do what I'm told? Why do I always have to bloody believe I'm different?

I stopped taking my pills on the 12th. I couldn't believe I'd ever been ill. I was feeling fine.

I've just started taking them again, because today I feel like hell. I was feeling great. Then the great feeling started to get unpleasant. Now I can remember too damn well how not great the great feeling can get. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I hope I've caught it in time - the room is twisting a bit - this too too solid desk sometimes 'gives' - and my head feels well and truly on fire again.

"I told you so!"

There. I've said it before anyone else chips in with it.

R E C A P I T U L A T I O N:


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Immi said...

Beating on yourself won't help. If it helps any, it doesn't sound all that unusual. Lots of us bipolar folks do it. Good you caught it, take your pills, go on. But still no use beating yourself up :)