Monday, 15 September 2008

Bloody Hell

Someone called me a 'good writer' the other day. I'd better put my thinking cap on.

To be going on with, apparently, 40% of the main cereal harvest in this country is written off. Does that give a flicker of concern for any of you. It didn't for me. Of course we'll be fed. But at whose expense? To whom do we defer our little famine? I mean, of course I thought of buying up a stack of flour while it's still 50p per 3kg... but who will take the rap to feed us over-privileged western bastards?

Another point, entirely unrelated... a list of modern themes or preoccupations. I apologise if they are completely out of date - I don't own a telly. But here's my stab: house prices, tv, drink.... my god we have dumbed down haven't we just. Cars, wealth, food, sport, drink, sex, sex, drink, and sex again for good measure. We are addicted to whatever does not make us think.

Take food. All these "chefs", and libraries of instruction (read glossy cookery manuals, lifestyle shite etc).... It is all about aspiring to some myth of wealth and pseudo-sophistication ~ whereas the only real myth is like everything else - learn how to cook, learn what tastes good, learn how to discern the difference between praise and flattery, and learn to spot culinary conservatism and prejudice too. Experiment, and trust your skill and judgement: trust your independent opinion. There is no magic wand.

We do our aspirations so badly in England because we spend too much time aspiring, and not enough perspiring (to mangle GBS). This is why we never get better.

Third unrelated rant:

Laughter is the insane innate insensible life force. (cf Derrida, Bataille, Artaud, ad nauseum). Your family is dead? Go and make a new one. So your life is ruined? Laugh, sing a song, dance, live, find ecstasy in the moment, etc, etc, dull dull dull. Probably meaningless for those who never crossed that bridge. No innocence ever again once you've learned to smile during the worst, the personal worst, not others' worst, your own. To laugh in the flames at the stake.

As I said at the beginning.... I shall put my thinking cap on. Thanks Suzy for the compliment. You're good yourself too. Diolch! (I know you're not Welsh :-))

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