Sunday, 21 September 2008

Interesting Weekend

Hmmmmmm. I'm feeling better. Really better. Hmmmmm. Went down to Devon on the spur of the moment on Friday to stay with my mother. Saturday, we had a great walk on Dartmoor, and then later had a nice family meal - my own sourdough bread with bits and pieces of deli stuff (oh ok, if you must know: buffalo mozzarella, really goood tomatoes, fantastic olives, etc, etc, lashings of olive oil, mmm mmm mmm - damn now I feel hungry); got dragged out by my brother to the pub for a couple of games of pool and a catch-up moment (think heart to heart without the gravity) - score btw 1 all; then back to have a vicious argument with his girlfriend - the subject being that she DIDN'T CARE if people are shot in Afghanistan or Iraq or anywhere else so long as her STANDARD OF LIVING is maintained - I retorted I'd rather slit my throat than have your opinions, to which she rightly remonstrated: "Slit your throat then! I'm sick to death of being told what to think," to which I countered: "I'm not telling YOU what to think - I'm telling you what I think," etc... oh well - cleared the air - won't have to talk to her again thank god.

Then what happened? Oh yes, the cafe over the road was playing Diana Ross at full volume at 1.30. So I went and sorted them out. Very stupid really, in retrospect. Bar full of burly blokes and their burly wives and their burly dogs at home in their burly kennels. But I launched myself from my taut-strung bow of righteous anger, and was down the stairs, over the road, through the drinkers on the pavement, through the smooching idiots in the bar, around behind the counter, seizing the barman and telling him to ******** turn his ******** music down. Then smiled, turned on the charm, then left in a whirlwind through the still gobsmacked clientele, moved the cast iron weight propping the door open, slammed it shut, through the stunned pavement crowd, over the road and up the stairs, and suddenly the arrow hit the target. Boing. Thrummm.

The music was turned off immediately, btw, and all the burly people went meekly home.

Today, had a gorgeous day in the sun, went and saw my favorite landlady of a pub in this particular city, and she must be 90 now, give or take a year. Met up with my sis and my ex stepdad, then later went over to my surrogate family who looked after me in my 16-18 year old period, and we had a fantastically lovely meal in the garden. So many people out there that I love and love me. Easy to forget. Humbling to remember.

So, a fairly intense weekend, I suppose.

Perhaps I'll have a cocoa. Night all.


Terra Incognita said...

Well ain't you the bee's knees?
Depakote is a pisser. When I quit, I got back to "myself" quickly too. And everyone was happy to see me as well.

Abysmal Musings said...

Thanks Terra! :-) (yes, still up)

Abysmal Musings said...

Edit, 29/9/08. Things are getting to the too loud too bright and nasty, anxious and irritable. Unpleasant ideas leaping at me against my will. Therefore, experiment over. I'm going to be a good boy and play it their way and take my medicine. (Takes pills, gulps water). Oh well, I tried.