Friday, 12 September 2008


The 'sites', the assemblages of impulses we call 'people', 'things', 'causes', are all akin to jellyfish made of water in water - no boundary with their element except the symbolic sketch we interpret for the sake of practical life.

Imagine a person, and imagine viewing them over a period of time. Imagine we can trace all the elements they inhale and ingest, and all they exhale and excrete and procreate, all the motes of skin and hair, nails, the saliva exchanged in a kiss; the bread, the wheat in the fields, the rain circulating from sea to cloud to river to sea, the oil for the tractor, the photons from the nuclear reactions in the sun, the elements of the whole caboodle that make up that person... We would see them as a wandering epicentre of concentration of matter and energy, and dissipation of matter and energy. Add to that all the electrical and chemical thought impulses, the ideas transmitted as thought-artefacts (even speech is a brief lived artefact for the transmission of ideas)...

And when we've seen we're just eddies in the cosmic flux, what then? How do we live?

With a smile on our face.

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