Thursday, 9 October 2008

Being/Getting Well

At first, when you get ill, everyone denies it and tries to treat you as normal, the people who care, that is. That is the most healthy and positive way - I believe it gets most people better and going much quicker, most of the time.

The entire system of psychiatry is designed to plunge the 'sufferer' into stasis, because 'action' might be dangerous.

It is a social, cultural, chemical and at times literal straitjacket.

It is insidious, invidious and vile. I am sick of being treated as if I was sick.

All treatment, from the way the drugs screw you up to the subtleties of social interactions all try to contain and choke the so-called sufferer and keep them in an imaginary box. The interior of that box is all wallpapered with negative messages.

It pits the individual against everyone from one's nearest and dearest to those one has never met.

I've got to refute that box. It's only there if I allow them to continue to make me believe in it.

There is nothing as debilitating as coming to believe in your own debilitation.

People feel they should be 'doing something'. Well the best policy I believe is leave well alone in most cases, and merely treat the individual with the respect and trust you would accord to anyone not putatively labelled as 'ill'.

Sometimes concern becomes assault.

I've decided I have to find a job. Something interesting. Anything. I must get my life back from these bastards.

For hire: me. Go anywhere, do anything. Terms and conditions apply.


Lola Snow said...

I'll second that. I was normal before I went to a psychiatrist, I now have loads of labels!
Seriously, I can see the value if you are encouraged to exercise autonomy, but there does seem to be a subtext of "You're sick, dont bother trying to do anything, you cant be trusted" although perhaps not quite so bluntly.
I'd hire you, but I can't do my own job. Perhaps we should employe each other?

Terra Incognita said...

I don't think they have any control over you, do they? How do you have to "get your life back", as you say?
If they do, well then dammit, what is the first step? Just take it! I'll back you! Argh! (and that was my puny little self taking up arms behind you against "them", redheaded half-Scottish woman full of piss and vinegar charging, watch out!)

Abysmal Musings said...

Thanks both. I think lion taming is the career for me.

But the first step would be for those buggers at the driving licence place to let me drive again! Nine and a half months they've had it so far...

Second step would be to lose some of the much-vaunted insight... just enough to forget I'm ill, while keeping some in reserve as a fire alarm.