Friday, 24 October 2008

DVLA Medical

Well, wish me luck. Tomorrow morning, at the anti-social hour of 8.30am I have to present myself at a strange practice in a strange city to be examined by someone. (Naturally, since I've not been allowed to drive since Jan that entails my wife and the three kids coming along for the ride.)

The charmless and subtly demeaning letter states:

"It will be necessary to remove some clothing for the required level of examination." [Their bold typeface, and in fact, the only bold statement in the letter]. Mmm, sounds kinky. But what do they expect? Do they think I'm going to sew myself into a leather catsuit for the occasion?

"The examination will include a physical examination and taking samples of blood for analysis." I assume they are checking for compliance with medication, substance abuse, etc. Or perhaps they have the special DVLA secret that tells them if your brain is fit simply by looking at your blood.

My psych team are as nonplussed as I am.

Then follows a whole set of hoops.. what to bring, what not to bring, forms to send left right and centre, I have to take "all my medication", my glasses, the details of my GP and Consultant (as if they do not already have them...)

And of course I expect I have to behave neither "up" nor "down" nor "agitated" nor "irritable".

Can't wait.


la said...

A physical exam for bipolar? *nonplussed*

jed said...

You think you,ve got problems,3 years ago a car drove into my on my motorbike , Apart from the normal injuries it broke my hip which I have to put up with till I can stand it no longer It also crushed my pelvice , Which isn,t a problem, However to continue with my HGV1 they insist I go on a tread machine and walk up hill for 9 minutes to test my heart , Have they no heart .(joke ) As I cannot do that they refuse to allow me to keep my licence , So I have a Winnebago sitting in storage 11.5 tonnes that I can never use again.
Hope you get yours good luck.

Abysmal Musings said...

jed - shit, that's terrible. You poor thing. Who on earth makes up these rules? They need shooting.

No news from the DVLA yet. I found out that the medical I went to is the same sort they send people caught for drink driving to! I've Never Fucking Drunk Driven In My Life! And if I had back all the money I've spent putting friends who were going to drive home in taxis etc, I'd be fucking rich. It's fucking insulting.

The enzyme they test for apparently is GGT or something like Gamma glutamate transferase (I might have that wrong).

It is raised if you've been drinking too much. It's also raised if you smoke. Or eat fatty meat. Or are overweight. Etc. Etc.

So, you can see where the logic leads... DVLA will stop you driving if you smoke and like belly pork too much.

I'll take those fuckers to court if they dare keep my licence back much longer. The psych team have been agreeing that I can drive since MARCH!

I just wish I lived in a city. Out in the sticks is the pits without transport.

I am amazed that I've been good and not just gone out. My missus is a good influence I suppose. I've been sorely tempted. Just for normal stuff, like getting the food in, etc. But she rightly says "Don't be stupid".

Oh, sorry, ranting away.

Jed - you should appeal. It's completely unreasonable to insist on a test to prove the fitness of your heart that depends on your fitness to walk if you're damaged. I hope things work out. D