Tuesday, 7 October 2008

froth and spittle

the turned back wall-obscured munching, anything could be - the intersection of incompatible universes, phenomenologies, madnesses - oh suffer the little children the babes and the watering cans pouring water chaotically, drench, baptism of entropy but the good will is there we have become matter and antimatter, deadliness, but today this morning we were together twice better than nailsworth our worst is too far removed our best too close I have more than striven to no purpose through black hurricanes and white poison my claptrap snaps may the toad that lurks in the wall and the dashes of rooks against the evening day and the stooped trees in the leaning wind preserve me from the winter coming - representation through the logos - dead - joyce the end of writing? representation is a corpse the word is the cadaver of speech to paraphrase artaud - ambiguity is the essence of reality - clash of phenomenologies - story is bunk

edit. ok I'm going to bed now.

extra edit - my brain is fizzing a little. An alka seltzer dropped in a glass. No more. Today has been good. It has been our 18th anniversary of being together. A marvellous meal was ate. Things are splendid. I am a lucky man and I am so lucky and very privileged to realise that the next anniversary we'll have been together for half my life.

Why am I surfing a brainstorm though? Go to bed!!! I've never surfed in my life. All the waters and and the rocks that waters have ever flowed over are bursting like flowers in my head tonight. Ohhhhhhhhh go to bed. It's happiness I think. I'm happy. As the proverbial larry. Pop goes the weasel. Seize the moments of happiness when they seize you.

But hell, now it is gone four six and I'm still tap tap tapping tap tap tapping and I must go to bed.

So night. (do not assume the cessation of typing means I have actually gone to bed - it merely means I'm taking this particular mindless stimulant out of the equation). Night.

And keep safe, everyone.

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Terra Incognita said...

Happy anniversary! Wow, 18 years, fabulous!