Friday, 3 October 2008

Irritating yet humbling through kindness

It is slowly seeping into my cranium, the sheer weight of small accumulated kindnesses that have been coming my way over the months. Buying a round is a struggle of tactics that would make Caesar blush. The pouches of tobacco that have been thrust into my pockets are many. I suppose what goes around comes around. I prefer to be always on the 'giving' side of the equation. Perforce I'm now on the 'taking' side. What really tugs my heartstrings is the subtlety and naturalness of the gifts: I've not once been made to feel beholden nor guilty.

This marvellous reflection on my friends reflects back on me also - I only know good and kind people, and have made a habit of it for many years. I can't abide meanness. Generosity is my middle name. If there was a St Generosity and I had been confirmed, I'd have taken that one in retrospect.

Well, here is my little public homage to all of those who have been behind the scenes doing me kindness - they'll never read this unless by accident. I let them know I appreciate them, though.

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actionreplay said...

Well, it shows you're a nice bloke. As they wouldn't do it otherwise...