Saturday, 27 December 2008

And Should

I delete the last 8 or nine or t10 posts?

Will anyone find it useful? Seeing me off?

Or is it just a great pain paeon and pile of poo?

Please, give your considered opinions here. I might just let this one stand. But as for tonight, unless I suddenly get 'insight' in the morning, and decide embarrassment is the greater form of valour, there may well be deletionsaplentyinthemorningnightalldx


differentlysane said...

I say let them stand - they give an insight into what mania is like (and like for you).

Besides, I made a pledge when I started my blog that I wouldn't delete anything - otherwise I knew that I would end up with no blog. I refuse to be embarrassed alone. Not that you should be embarrassed, like I've said before, this is your blog.

Take care,

LoopyKate said...

In my 'considered opinion', I don't see why you should delete any of your posts - although of course it's entirely up to you. Some of us early risers/insomniacs have already read them anyway. The 'reality' of 'mood disorders' is being somewhat voluble, batty, impulsive, pestering and persistant when the jiggly high comes, at other times feeling flatly despondant and exiled from the symbolic realm and - alot of the time - just being somewhere inbetween, a place that many would recognise as fairly 'normal'. Are we only meant to post from this point on the continuum?
I think you should tell it how it is although if, on consideration you feel anything you've posted causes offense/distress to either yourself or anyone else or otherwises exposes you in such as way as to put yourself at risk, then some post-date editing is likley to be a wise idea.(although there's nowt in what you've said that indicates any of the above - to my addled mind anyway)
These kinda concerns have kept me from blogging for a long time up until a few days ago when I decided to throw caution to the wind and chuck myself out there. And yes, I'm already finding myself compelled by caution/remorse/embarassment to return to the page the next morning and wipe-out much of what I've said.
Don't do it.
But go easy on the naked running!!
Take care. Kate.

Abysmal Musings said...

Thanks both - can stare myself in the eye in the mirror, so shouldn't be too prissy. But what a carry-on eh? Lawks a mercy