Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Shit Nugget Word Salad

I look at my posts on here, and see buckets of turds. The sheer fact some of you wade through my slurry in the hope of finding a golden nugget hidden away gets me to sleep (on occasion) with a smile, and makes me wake up (on occasion, if I have happened to sleep) with a smile.

I know I posted about blogging responsibility not that long ago, but the more I post, the more that question shakes itself threateningly above my head.

In a nutshell: when I write on here:

First, I try to set down where and what and who I am at that moment.

Second, I try to make people smile, either at my expense, or despite my expense.

Thirdly, I occasionally attempt to be vaguely educational.

Fourthly, I hope that I am, once in a while, slightly entertaining.

I can't think of any other motive for writing. I could be writing into a notebook to be tossed onto the fire when it's full. Having an audience is a bizarre and sobering experience. I have no idea whatsoever why any of you read the shit I write. Because it is generally a shallow heap of moronic truisms, jazzed up with a facile and slight capability for the english language.

I'm flying like a bad one this month. My apologies. I am trying my damnednest to keep myself on the correct side of propriety and politeness. And thank god succeeding so far.

All I am saying is: do not take anything I say seriously.


Take care all. Dx

edit/p.s. why oh why oh why does blogger blur one's photos? Silly.


Marian said...

Blurred or not: your photos are amazingly poetic. Yes, that's what they are.

actionreplay said...

I just post endless amounts of shite to my blog. It's not like I'm forcing anyone to read it after all...