Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Sleep sleep sleep

Haven't been getting enough. About 8 hours in the last 72. I feel okayish. Not flying at all. Just very very awake, alert, and have a strange feeling of expectancy. It feels as if I'm waiting for something that I've forgotten about. Have had a few moments over the last few days where everything in my immediate environment seems far too stimulating - have needed to keep getting some peace and quiet to calm down and get it under control. My senses are fizzing over, but my thoughts aren't racing. I've only done a little bit of tap-dancing in the garden in the night-time. I think I should try digging the garden tomorrow. Try and tire myself out. Some old fashioned hard labour might do the trick. I'm getting the old top-of-the-head-peeled off sensations quite badly recently. Not a good sign. Ok. Time to twiddle my thumbs in the dark staring at the ceiling again. Keep safe everyone.


la said...

If it helps, you're not alone.

Dr. Liz Miller said...

Sleep can be tricky!! exercise is great - I didn't run yesterday, which is one of the reasons I am wide awake.

What is on your mind, there is always something that upsets the inner peace. Even if you do not think it is too significant, it may be.

I am upset by what the General Medical Council is doing to my best friend and partner. I will not let the GMC make me ill, just plan the next stage. Revenge is a best drunk cold, ice cold.

la said...

Like revenge, I am also an ice cold drunk. It's below freezing here at night.

(the word verification is 'uplurliz' - no foolin)

Abysmal Musings said...

Hic! Brrrrrrr!