Sunday, 21 December 2008


Ok, so my mother is staying: (please click the link, I can't embed it, but it's Rostopovitch playing beautifully, if not how I like the piece to be played personally...)

And my darling best friend since 16 turns up tomorrow with his hyper family. It's also stubborn manic boy's birthday party, and the neighbours and their three girls are over too. I'm going to make lihapullet (sp?) Finnish meatballs. Combination of pork and beef cooked in sour cream. Served with ideally lingonberry jelly, but a Finn I've got rather close to over the last 2 years is so jealous of our redcurrant jelly (from our bush in our garden!!!! [his exclaimation marks]) and has told me it is perfectly acceptable, culinarily-wise, to do so... so I'm not worrying.

So, trying to calm down, but today I entertained my father and stepmother; then my mother and stepfather arrived with my halfsister and her boyfriend. Then at last they all went home, apart from my mother who is here til Monday, and I know we will skirt the dangerous waters of talking seriously til then.... Oh and tomorrow... Oh yes, I've already mentioned that.

Anyway, regarding darling bestfriend, just assume any latenight comments or posts tomorrow are bound to be as pissed as tonights. Or far far worse. :-( (It always happens, it will happen). God, years and years ago (at least 10 or more) we both decided that if we *were* gay, we'd have ended up a couple. ... I say thank god we're not, because we're still friends.

If you're reading, MR PINK, then a big wave from MR DIRTY BROWN.

Merry xmas everyone*

* I'm sure there are at least another 20 posts before the new year, but you never know, eh?

Love and x's


Lola Snow said...

Did you finnish the meatballs?

differentlysane said...

I hope everyone enjoys the meatballs and that you have a great time.


Abysmal Musings said...

Meatballs all finnished entirely. :-) Thanks, it was hectic, but good.

Marian said...

Ah, that was what the party was about... Maybe a bit late to wish you a happy birthday, but not to late to wish you many happy returns! :)