Friday, 12 December 2008

Willy Nilly

I've noticed a certain polarization between the people who find biological psychiatry a help and those who are slightly less enamoured of the practice. Well, I'm a fence-sitter, I'm afraid. And I'll take what's good from either camp. In fact I don't actually sit on the fence - I leap from one side to the other, grabbing what works for me, and what works for others whom I fancy I have a similar mind-set to. I don't see how entrenching positions helps - look at WWI FFS. I'm not going to tell someone they shouldn't take a pill, if it helps them on a subjective level to live a more fulfilled life. Or vice versa.

I've had times in the last year when the pills were helpful. I've also had times where the pills very nearly did for me. I personally do not trust the delicacy of the tool the psychiatrist gently manipulates. I am sure better drugs will be developed. But I also have grave doubts that within our current social structure there will be any real drive towards developing drugs that preserve independence of thought, clarity, critical thinking... I wish I did. I just don't have much hope.

And currently, that is why, despite my head doing an impersonation of India hitting Asia during the Eocene (yes, not only am I a musician, writer, artist, photographer, luthier, shithead, gobshite, benefit-scrounging-piece-of-scum, but on top that I was once a geology student too... and a paper-boy) despite the Himalaya jostling my hippocampus (or whatever, like), I'm still not intending on taking the mood-stabiliser again.


Tomorrow I might be arguing from the other side of the fence.

In summa: this here blog, such wot it is, is hereby declared a non-demoninational-head-fuck inter-parietal peace-zone where the prose and aunties can cancel each other out and plant a beautiful flowerbed.

And I know the old truism: "People who sit on the fence get shot at by both sides," but I'll just catch your shells and mould them together into something I like the look of.

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Terra Incognita said...

And your last bit about being on the fence? That's why I like you so much, and probably why everyone else around you does too.
Be well, friend.
Hugs to you.