Friday, 2 January 2009

A Fresh Start, Perhaps a Changed Voice.

New year and all that, and when I can make up my mind, perhaps a new look, perhaps not. But everything from last year is preserved at the blindingly obvious address in the blogroll. Too many links that people I know (in real life) could track back to me. Just wanted to take those posts out of 'easy' circulation. If they want to be nosey, that's their lookout.

This will still always be my main blog. I may just 'archive' stuff occasionally. So if you're a comment freak, then bookmark the other place. I'll keep looking in.

A belated happy new year to all. D x

UPDATE Jan 11th: Put it all back again... sigh. No fucking consistency eh?

Its a new dawn,
its a new day,
its a new life for me
yeah, its a new dawn
its a new day
its a new life for me

And I hope to be feeling good.

Damn wish there was the full track on youtube...


Mandy said...

Hi D

New look or not hope 2009 is a good one. She writes with country in midst of full on recession but my sentiment is well intentioned. I really find sending good wishes more complicated than they should be. :>)

The archiving won't bother me. I read and take in as I go.


Abysmal Musings said...

Ta Mandy. Just noticed the background to the youtube up above - all those newts... I wonder if Ken Livingstone has been paying a secret homage to Nina?