Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Abysmal Language School Part One

o, ie a i er ee o,
u ee e er u i ie o
u i er ie ear ee,
u o i a ue oe,
u ay ow a ie,
ue i u oe e a ee.
u a i ar ie o
u o a i er ue ee
ar o u a ue o
ee ie o u ue ae
ar o a ie u ae
e oe u o ee ow i
u ee ow u o u i
u i e u ar ee
oe i i a i er i
ue ee e er e i i er

bloody cats


Lola Snow said...

Is it wrong that I was trying to sing that?

Lola x

differentlysane said...

oh ee oh ah ah
Bing bang wala wala bing bang
oh ee oh ah ah
Bing bang wala wala bing bang!


LoopyKate said...

We had 7 of the little ferral fuckers in our barn in france - all in season at the same time. Thankfully, slowly but surely, they all got shot by trespassing chasseurs.
All bar one - the cute one who's only 'quarry' was slugs.

Abysmal Musings said...

Well, not much sleep last night, but not due to cats... but I was remembering cats... and sleepless nights due to cats... But I'm too embarrassed to say what the real purpose of those vowel sounds actually was back in 92 or somewhere around then...