Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Piano Revisited and Session

Ah, got the damn thing in the house up the ice-sheathed path and steps... When the boys had had their fill making modern elbow-music I tried to get the brain tentatively working with the rh part for the prelude in f minor from the first book... That has to be one of the most heartbreaking pieces of music ever, especially taken slow, which is the only way I'll ever play it... especially with the finger I broke this summer... :-(

Then went out to Bristol for our fortnightly tunes. Really didn't want to go. I guess the pills are working then! But told K that if I start wanting to be a hibernating hermit then make an extra effort to persuade me. It's been my only social lifeline over the last year, and a lifeline it has been. Anyway, a good night was had. In fact, apart from the fact that your average pub punter thinks you're mad for playing in public in a strictly non-performing fashion - and apart from the fact that most of our compatriots are probably half-unhinged - and apart from the fact it was bloody brass monkeys to get there and back from the Cotswolds - well, I probably came over quite sane.


differentlysane said...

Glad you enjoyed your night out. Your average pub punter wouldn't like our average pub that's all I'm going to say :-).

I don't actual know the piece of music you are referring to playing of the piano - perhaps a link to youtube or some such place? I could look myself, but there are a lot of Preludes in f minor.

Take care and enjoy the piano,

Abysmal Musings said...

Thanks Differently - tis done. See above. I might be able to manage it at a snail's creep one day (or get the present of an axe in the skull from the family).

LoopyKate said...

Listening to this I am now cringing at how - aged 14 - I would play this piece (and all the rest) at 15x the speed. Sacrilege!!

LoopyKate said...

I mean 'tempo'.!

Abysmal Musings said...

Kids eh? :-)

lastcrazyhorn said...

I very much like this piece. I am glad that you have introduced it to me.