Friday, 23 January 2009

Question - The Café

The Café

some days
he spoke quietly
I feel homesick for
homes I never had
dreams I never dreamed
are all things
that undefine
my definition
blur is a comfort

I sit in mind
regarding a sun
a shaken eye
a searing circle
on oily black
within my coffee cup
upon a table
again never seen

A friend wants to make a short film using stop motion text using this poem. She's been asking me for ideas, and I've been keeping schtum generally because I want to see her ideas, not mine. And also the poem is supposed to be as open as possible, so I certainly don't have any desire to fix the meaning. Any ideas, anyone?

In the mood for writing tonight: first post here.


Terra Incognita said...

Well, there you are. What the hell? LOL. Damn blogger. Earlier tonight it said I flagged my own blog as having questionable content. And the feed not working? Grrrr.

I think it's hard to put any sort of video or visual content to poetry, since it's always open to interpretation, unless it was intended to be interpreted that way. Does that make sense? I know I am no help there. But I also know you are very talented!

Glad to see your posts weren't wiped out and it was just a blogger glitch.


Hannah said...

Reminds me of a homeless man, I think of the coffee cup representing his 'lot', the life he's been dealt. Reflections in the coffee showing different pictures, changing after each sip. Love the imagery of the black oil, thick and slick at the bottom of the cup, or the oils that circle and make patterns on the top of black coffee. Perhaps the oil links to a polluted life. I picture the cafe being out on the streets, not a conventional coffee house, but the total opposite, the poverty and deprevation.
ho hum! thats my thoughts!
Han xxx

differentlysane said...

The picture with the poem is quite effective. Other than that I have no ideas. Generally I don't like having images imposed on poems/music. It's like when then make a film out of a favourite book and you end up screaming at the screen, "but they don't look like that, they don't sound like that."

Sorry I can't be of anymore help,

colouredmind said...

Wonderful poem, I like the idea of being homesick for homes youve never had. Cant be of any help, joust letting you know that the line is no stuck in my head. Hannah X

Abysmal Musings said...

Thanks all - quite agree with image superimposition - it's just baint be right! But I was asked, and I graciously said yes of course. It's for a dissertation. We shall see. Gawd, reminds me I promised to record reading it for yesterday... ooops.