Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Après Shrink

Well, rotation has been and gone, and a shiny new happy psychiatrist. Seems a decent chap, once the robotic standardized official advice and treating me as if I had learning difficulties had been disposed of.

Result of interview is:

i) Ok, I trust you're getting better
ii) You seem to know when you're going up too much
iii) You feel strongly you are recovering better under your own steam
iv) You can carry on screwing around with your medication (yes, I admitted it)
v) We're here to help if you need us
vi) See you in three months

So, pretty much what I wanted to hear.

On the downside he didn't seem to have heard of Koukopoulos or Akiskal - both fairly eminent in mixed-state research which made me raise my eyebrows. But that's a quibble.

I pointed out the worst side effect of the pills was the oh-so-unimportant one of flattening my affections and vice versa with my family, which made things worse than dancing around the illness itself. Also pointed out that no amount of 'family therapy' would convert them into draconian pill-pushers on the MH services behalf.

I hate these things - a cross between a job-interview and a court appearance. You have to argue with passion, intelligence, and stubbornness if you want to get what you want, but you have to do it so carefully, lest they simply write you off as 'high'. That moment when their 'listening' face changes to 'concerned' face to 'plotting' face to 'is he likely to be a danger to himself or others' face...

Well, I danced my socks off on the high-wire for half an hour without falling off, or seeming to take too many risks, and now, apart from feeling wiped-out, I seem to have got them off my back for now, and they now know that my recovery has largely been without the benefit of medication, apart from the worst couple of moments since last May.

So, I'm pretty pleased. Out later to play music. Looking forward to that!

Take care all, D x


lettersfromexile said...

Glad it went well x

LoopyKate said...

Same here. Congratlations on getting the job. And let off the charges.

Hannah said...

good for you!

Hann xx

Ruby Tuesday said...

I think you summed up the psychiatrist-appointment-dilemma very well. I'm always worrying that they'll judge me for wearing mascara.

well done for getting through it and for getting yourself through this in general! x

Mo said...

Aye, it's always a dangerous dance. I tend to do a John Sergeant rather than risk having my pumps taken away. ;o)

Abysmal Musings said...

Thanks all - I'm feeling good and cock-a-hoop (yet steady - no high to speak of) just in a good good mood. FOR ONCE!!! Hurrah!

Ruby Tuesday - one of these days I'll wear my piggy boots to the appointment. Only problem is I can't find my piggy socks. (Ask Differently what ninjas wear!)

Mo - quite agree! p.s. I don't have a contact for you now you've left the building - don't know if you'd rather keep it that way, but if not then I think I can be reached through my profile on here. Best wishes for everything anyway, and hope to stay in touch.

Terra Incognita said...

That's fantastic.
Now when can you drive??

Just got your comments on the PCS on my blog-it is a small world that you have the same condition as me. Unfortunately for me, the first couple times I had it, it was accompanied by severe asthma attacks, which landed me in the ER and the docs saying I was having anxiety issues--no fun at all. Long story, but that was back before I even had the asthma diagnosis, and it all contributed *to* the asthma diagnosis.

Now when I get the pain, I don't have a severe asthma attack to go with it, thanks to asthma meds!

Awesome I could give you a "name" to the "syndrome" so to speak. That was the purpose in putting it out there, I guess.

All the best.

differentlysane said...

Glad it was painless.

Don't be disheartened that he wasn't aware of Koukopoulos or Akiskal, it's more fun when you get to educate them. Besides, do you honestly expect them to know anything that isn't a course requirement?

OK I'm being cynical again. Bah I shall endeavor harder to be chirper and more naive!

Take care,

Abysmal Musings said...

Dear Differently, I have always thrown my all into anything I've ever done. Why shouldn't they? The blind diagnosing the half-blind? Mmmm?

I know what you mean exactly, and the whole system is a ghastly fuck up. I'm happy to be off the hook for the time being. I never bother them when things get critical for all the good reasons. So hopefully, they'll start categorising me as a safe bet.

But how the hell did I get diagn. as BP i?

There were two people out of fifteen at the party tonight who were WORSE than me. Statistically anomalous, but not perhaps for the Cotswolds at the weekend.

Take care all, D x