Sunday, 22 February 2009

Blogging and Commenting Etc...

We are probably the best and worst support group in the world. We'll be there when we can be, and won't be when we're not.

Also, our own replying idiosyncracies come into play all the time. Speaking for myself, I'll reply if I'm spurred to by concern, or else because the post was interesting, or for a completely random and unforeseen reason. Completely different urges. Dangerous to read anything into frequency of posting. Which I do, and therefore assume you do on occasion.

You all should have my number, I posted and deleted several times, but here it is again. It will stay up for forty-eight hours. It is there to be used, else I wouldn't post it. Oh Seven Nine Three Nine, Five One Three, Nine-To-Five. Use it any time. I can't promise the phone will be charged or anything as practical as that, because I'm shit at that sort of practical stuff. But anyway. There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.

I'm ok - I think. :-) I'm just in ultra-honest mode. And since I am, I'll stop now. Take care everyone. D x


Lola Snow said...

Since this post will be coming down again soon, this comment has a life expectancy of only 48 hours. This comment is feeling sad about that. This comment feels outraged that his time is nearly up and there is nothing he can do about it. This comment hates me for not typing him on a post which will not be deleted. This comment thinks life is not fair, and he feels cheated.

How do you feel about deleting this post now?

LOL. Glad you are ok D.

Lola x

Abysmal Musings said...

Fear not, oh gentle comment. Tis just the phone number that'll get squashed.

LoopyKate said...

I've been struggling both to post and to comment lately. I think everyone goes through the same so must of us don't read anything into a lapsus.
That's about as much comment as I can squeeze out this morning.
Take care

Immi said...

Idiosynchratic R Us ;) I certainly fit that description. I'd call but I'm also fairly phone phobic. Ah well. My literary idiosynchracies will have to stay.

La-reve said...

Problem is, I go through lengthy periods of thinking how worthless and crap I am and therefore nothing I could write would be worthwile and no one would want to read. then other times when thoughts are so flighty I can't put them down or think I do but don't as get distracted. Hence my personal incosistency.

Terra Incognita said...

I'm with Loopy Kate. Struggling. Will probably never call, but it was awesome you posted your number.

Hannah said...

I try to keep up regular contact with a chosen few blogs, I'm trying not to let this little world be the only one I live in - although it is very tempting at times.
I have a whole long list of others that I dip in and out of and on which I comment rarely if at all. It would take me all day if I was to try and read everything and comment on every post!
I started blogging as a therapy for myself. I wont lie, it always gives me a little thrill when I see a new comment waiting for me, and they do give me a mini confidence boost because they're always so lovely and supportive, but ultimately it's all about the writing, not the fame teehee!!

Hann xxx

Abysmal Musings said...

Ha, I was castigating myself - not you lot! Serve me right for trying to write after a party. Thanks all.

differentlysane said...

Actually I think idiosyncrasies would be abound in any group, since we are all individuals.

I think like La-reve, for me posting, but particularly commenting are mood dependent.

Mhmm, there's also the fact that my brain doesn't work as fast when I'm down and I end up writing, deleting and rewriting comments. Like this one, so they end up taking far longer to write than they should. (I know difficult to tell from the awful grammar, typos and the rest).

Thanks for the number. Although like others I'm a terrible phonephobe, which when I'm down combines with my wish not to talk to anyone, feelings that to do so would only bothering them, and my general organisation skills (ie my phone will be out of credit, out of charge or both). Thus I doubt I will ever use it, but I have put it down, just in case, so you may regret that decision (there's a few round here who do :-) ).

And your not the only one who falls into the trap of reading into posting frequency. I blame this on me being incredibly insecure.

Take care,

Abysmal Musings said...

I'm an awful phonophobe too. I would NEVER ring the crisis team if I wanted out. Nor the GP nor the psych nor the CPN. But I might phone a friend. I don't know.

Back in the day, when I got 'caught', it wasn't me who phoned then either.

Take care, D

p.s. I'm not expecting or desirous of being swamped by phonecalls. It is just a simple honest gesture that is meant - it's there if needed. But for wider-privacy's sake I will blank it out probably tomorrow.