Thursday, 12 February 2009

High but Hopeless

Not in a particularly bad place... just 'tired but wired'... and can't see it will ever change. Sleeping badly, but still getting some at all times of the day. Circadian rhythm is fucked to hell. At least I'm getting some, which is more than some of you have been recently. Not feeling too happy in general. Weary of the whole caboodle. Just one foot in front of the other, I know, but feeling antagonistic towards the concept.

On a happier note, this made me chuckle:

Also, from the light entertainment dept - I should put a Trigger Alert on this I suppose. I took these photos a month after nearly jumping off the west front of a famous cathedral in 2007. Black humour.

Keep safe one and all.


La-reve said...

Sorry about the sleep I know it is important to maintain sleep to avoid the swings. Think lack of sleep is sending me mad.- (edit madder). would write somethign else if could focus.

Hannah said...

Is it something in the air? Has the snow brought something toxic down with it that's affected our sleep? I'm suffering horribly with sleep deprivation, and my mood is plummeting as a result. It does feel like a long trudge through waist high drifts at the moment.
I took a look at your pics on flikr, they are stunning, I will go back and have a closer look when I'm a bit more with it. You really do have an amazing landscape around you, it demands to be captured.

Hann xx

Abysmal Musings said...

Thanks both

d x