Monday, 9 February 2009

Moon Update

Very strong, very intense, especially on all the snow. But I'm not flying, which is a relief. Restrained myself to a very brief naked bounce on the snowy trampoline. That is all, ladies and gents.

Hmm. Moving to the south of France sounds better and better after that.


La-reve said...

I hope you don't have neighbours near-by!! ticket to hyperthermia. no sleep yet then?

Lola Snow said...

Wish I had a trampoline. They should be available on prescription me thinks.

Lola x

Hannah said...

full moon tonight - no naked howling now!

Hann xx

differentlysane said...

Hope all is well.

Take care,

(La-reve: Just have to be pendantic - it's hypothermia which is being risked - I'm seeing this on a lot of blogs recently. hyperthermia is overheating. Sorry I can't help myself)

La-reve said...

Thanks s mistake. whilst we're on them. I'm pretty sure its pedantic and not pendantic. :-)

Abysmal Musings said...

Now now girls, break it up.

Pendantic - that's a kind of circus acrobat performance.

And since it's my blog, I'm going to be ultra pedantic, and point out it's "it's pedantic" not "its pedantic" :-O

Thanks everyone for the kindly comments.

La-reve - I think while I was risking hypothermia, I was in fact mildly hyperthermic - didn't feel the cold at all yesterday. Yes, the trampoline is well-screened by shrubbery.

Lola - if they were on prescription, think how many more A&E cases there would be - a cursory cost-benefit analysis shows the NHS would be bankrupt within a week. My broken finger is nearly back to normal now. :-)

Hann - no, no howling. I promised the neighbours after the last time.

Differently - yeah, thanks, I'm fine!