Monday, 23 February 2009

Terminal Terminological Logical Terminii

Bored with 'tired but wired' -

how about 'screaming but gleaming'?

Dribbly and wibbly?
Fitfully witful?
Bouncing and trouncing?
Headfully Dreadful?
Funky but spunky?
Clunky ol' monkey?
Adrift in a slushpile
Caught in a cogwheel
Washed with a stonespiel
Fed with a watchword
Hungry for sleeping
Steadily weeping
A pox on this greeting
And whinging and moaning
I'll sew my false mouth shut
And steadfastly blink not.

Oh well, that passed five minutes. I'm grand, just bored with me and who I am, and how it all manifests. And still determined to just be me.

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