Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Chastisement of the Flesh

I'm sure I must have Finnish or Russian genes.

Rolling naked in snow during a blizzard for a full count of sixty seconds does wonders for the constitution. I pity all of ye without back gardens. Or snow. (And I apologise for the repeated motif, but one must make the best of the weather, eh?)

But the thing is, here in England, that behaviour would be classified as mad. In Finland or Russia it would be classified as healthy.

Go and fucking figure, as the saying has it.

Take care everyone.


lettersfromexile said...

this is you


Abysmal Musings said...

And just what are you implying by that smiley? :- D

LoopyKate said...

Brrr. I have the constitution of a tropical aphid. I'm struggling to tolerate this weather in 5 layers of clothing let alone anything less.
If you manage to discover the purpose/value of Twitter then do let me know.
P.S. weren't you supposed to be taking 'time out'?!!

Abysmal Musings said...

Time out? Don't listen to what I say - listen to what I do.

Brrr? Ye wimp ye! ;-)

If you promise to try and work out what Twatter/Trotter/T'wetter/Twudder is for, then I'll try too.

lettersfromexile said...

Twitter is for benevolently stalking Stephen Fry so you can refer to him as 'my dear Twitter friend Stephen Fry.'

Hannah said...

My pokey town garden is a little too overlooked for those kind of antics, I fear I may be carted back to the asylum if I'm seen out there in my dressing gown let alone rolling naked in the scarce patches of snow we have left today!
Have a frolick for me!

Hann xx

actionreplay said...

It's perfectly normal in Finland or Russia after a sauna, yes.

Abysmal Musings said...

There we go - if I ever get complaints, I can put on a serious expression and explain I am 'finding my inner Finn, officer.' :-)