Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Mutual Worry Machine

Do you ever worry about me? Well I often worry about you.

Anyway, here is a special dispensation from the Pope (Il Papa) of Abysmal Musing Land - you don't have to worry about me. Signed, moi.

That is all.

(It's alright Ma)

(House of the Rising Sun - best version ever apart from Nina)


Lola Snow said...

I'm going to worry anyway and you can't stop me mwahahahaha! Stay safe D, you are one of the strongest I know.

Lola x

lettersfromexile said...

I don't worry about you so much. I think you'll be OK.

Abysmal Musings said...

Thanks Lola, that means a lot. Ta again.

p.s. You're pretty tough yourself I think.

Hannah said...

with your latest penchant for naked blizzard frolicking - yes I do worry, but only for your manly bits! Take care my dear, and keep warm!

Hann xxxx

Abysmal Musings said...

Ta La! I think so too. The bad times are generally few but horribly critical. It's a tapdance manoeuvre when they come along. Only had the serious slow suicidal freeze when on the unhappy pills. I'm just a bouncing cloud when left to my own devices, bobbing and weaving, bathed in alpenglow, within skies of deep cerulean, etc, etc

Abysmal Musings said...

Ha! I could lie and say our garden is now snow free, thawed by my blazing ardour and bizarre antics, but it isn't.

I'm currently very warm as fire is burning bright and hot.

Thankfully no neighbours came to investigate when I cleared the carpark. (I was clothed, I hasten to add).

Take care yourself too! D

La-reve said...

I worry about my blog friends all the time, and then other times I admire them and their strength and am even a little jealous of their bravery and funny antics (trampoline!!!) Tis how it goes . x

differentlysane said...

The Pope can't tell me what to do, so I'm going to worry a bit. Also I'm jealous that you still have snow.

Take care,