Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Just lying looking at the fire and remembering things.

When my youngest brother's twin was murdered in utero by his father (not my father) by a kicking to the belly of a pregnant woman (my mother) I went to the train station with a carving knife wrapped in a tea towel in a rucksack, bought a ticket, the train came in, the train left. I went home.

Yes, I did know exactly where he lived.

What stopped me? "Insight?" Spit spit spit faugh faugh faugh.

No, what stopped my seventeen year-old self back then was selfishness, because I had my whole life to live. I didn't want to live it in prison.

The bizarre thing is... if I was a rural Cretan in the 50s, I'd probably have been murdered myself for not getting on the train. (Joke. I'm going by Zorba the Greek here.)

All this psychiatry, this bloody miserable false wiping at the stains of the 'ideal' society... it's just like ineffectual lion-taming. All they can do is kill either the lion outright, or kill the lion's spirit, which is just as bad.


This probably doesn't sound so good. But I'm actually on fairly good mettle at the moment.


LoopyKate said...

Bloody shrinks. Bloody lion tamers.
They could try designing big reserves where the lions could roam free. People could drive through in their jeeps and throw them scraps. Or pay to shoot them and take their heads and pelts for tropheys.
Oh what am I on about?

Tempest said...

I think sometimes the lion tamer is a necessary thing ... but more often than not, I think psych professionals push the panic button too quickly. Just being a wild animal shouldn't carry the automatic penalty of being tamed ... that sort of thing should be reserved for the man-eaters out there who truly are a danger to society. Otherwise, I'm with Kate, I think society should give us more room to run (or sleep, when we can) and quit trying to box us in.

Hannah said...

I am a lion hear me ROAR!

LoopyKate said...

P.S. I hope you're listening to R4 at the moment - on Schumann. If not you can 'listen again'.

Marian said...

Before mankind came up with the bright idea that it were superior to, for instance, lions, there was a balance in nature, that allowed them both to be (wild).

differentlysane said...

Currently feel like I'm on a leash let alone at the hands of the tamers.

Maybe we should call PETA and demand they campaign for our rights.

Take care,