Monday, 9 February 2009

Wabi Sabi

侘 - Wabi: despondence, emerging or decaying from nature, earthy, subtle, transience.
寂 - Sabi: loneliness, melancholy, flawed.

I've been immersing myself in photos of Japanese tea bowls, and learning about the aesthethic of wabi-sabi.

It feels very similar to the Western concept of transcending angst.

The sleet falls quickly
Ragged shawl blown in the gale
Drifts cover footprints.

Corblimey, never wrote a haiku before.

Take care everyone. Abysmal Frozenballs.

p.s. I'm giving this twitter thing a go. Not sure what it does yet, but apparently you can follow me if you wish. It might keep my excruciating updates out of the blogposts and in a more transient place where they belong (over there on the left below the Wickerman Rangerover Disaster).


Hannah said...

ooo! I am loving those tea bowls!
very earthy and rough I want some!

Hann xx

Lola Snow said...

I love the haikus
they make my soul feel quieted
more haikus please D

Lola x