Wednesday, 25 March 2009

An Apology For My Life.


Theme: an attack on the Arts and Crafts Movement. The most pernicious middle-class, based-in-comfort movement ever to have plopped from a sedulous arsehole.


Playing at misery.

**** ***** Flybynight *******.

I despise the Arts and Crafts Movement. Morris, Ruskin, those well-fed, idle, wealthy-beyond-our-dreams *****.

(Thanks to the country I was born in, I'm a well-fed idle **** too, but hardly wealthy beyond my dreams, and I certainly don't wish to be so).

If you ain't suffered over and over and over again producing, don't dare talk about the 'beauty in the piece'.

And this goes for any git who extols my work in 100 years time on cathedrals. I can handle lime putty and a spatula, ok? All it takes is practice. I'd have never have done it if I didn't have the balls to charge for it either. £60/hour, if anyone wants to hire*.


That all sounds strangely Roman.

* Don't get excited: it never amounted to an income of more than 20K before tax.

p.s. This is the second post of the day. First here.

p.p.s. I couldn't bring myself to put the original quote for the title in Newman's Latin.

p.p.p.s. Edited for too-much potty-mouthedness.


Mandy said...

Hi A

Never heard of The Arts and Crafts Movement.

Could prattle on about the middle classes dictating to the peasants what is art, or not, but as I tend to avoid anything that sniffs of coersion (at best) will leave those who know about this group to in I will not be seeking to join them.

I haven't got the status or the dosh!!! :>)

Hannah said...

ut-oh! Morris and Mackintosh are among some of my favourite artists! I wont say any more - I can sense you shuddering!

Hann x

Abysmal Musings said...

It's not the art - it's the hypocritical philosophy that the movement had in its bones at its conception and has since accreted like layer upon layer of coarser flesh.

The 'liberated' cottager free to work creatively. Yeah right. Go and tell this lad (sorry - can't find the youtube video - young Indian boy throwing clay cylinders then splitting them for roof-tiles - 2 tiles/minute) Oh Tarquin! Such gorgeous hand-thrown roof tiles - such aesthetic glory in the minute imperfections of each one. The glorious clay colour he's chosen - such inspiration darling! I can even see the quaint fingermarks where each was lifted from the wheel... (Excuse me while I go an puke).

Abysmal Musings said...

p.s. Sorry, forgot... :-)

LoopyKate said... problematic for contemorary socialism..!Promotion of conspicuous handmade image as separate from products of mass-consmumption..immediately recognised as quality or luxury..signifyig and helping reproduce moneyed elites. Morris's 'socialism' as channelled through the sphere of consumption provided an effective means for the further development of those class differences which in turn helped reproduce the conditions for the exploitation of labour..
Of course we all love Morris and Mackintosh objets d'art for they signify the ultimate modern capitalist nostalgic utopian fantasy of a pre-industrial world in which each man/woman was in full control of the products of their labour. T'is indeed a luxury to own our production so these days, although most of us can afford to buy a little strip of the fantasy of idealised social-relations via some (mass produced) Morris curtain fabric. Some of which designs, incidently I do quite like.
Although when i do enter a Morris-styled home with shelves of Fabian-society books, I know exactly what I'm up against.
I've got some south-american clay beads somewhere on which you can distinctly make out the diminutive fingerprints of a small urchin. Creeps the fuck out of me.
P.S. sorry for the irrelevent lecture.

Tempest said...

I don't know who Morris or Ruskin are, but I think it's really sad you're going through so much shit right now - and I hope things change for you soon.

Abysmal Musings said...

Thanks - it's just lifeshit - doesn't mean a shit life.

Kate - the lecture was relevant, pertinent and apposite. Can I hire you to condense and precis my incoherent nighttime bile more often?

p.s. general link if anyone wants to know a bit more:

Abysmal Musings said...

I doubt anyone is interested, but here is a personal take on the matter regarding medieval cathedrals. I did get 98% for this in my MA, but that only reflects very badly on the examiners.

Then again, it did push me over the benchmark for a distinction, so it may have been an act of kindness. That's what I've always assumed, anyway.

It's a long and confused essay about man as gumby or man as god, and the houses he dwells in. Enjoy. Mwahahahaha. As if.