Monday, 9 March 2009


The only time I heard this finale was in a flat in Paris, stoned, back in 1987 or 88. The wind among the gravestones indeed! (You can hear the whole sonata here.)

Apologies if I've been quiet recently. Thanks for your well wishes. I don't know if I've naturally reached a point of departure regarding blogging - I don't know if I have anything useful or entertaining left to say.

Oh well, keep safe everyone. I'm still reading you all, and you can take my well wishes to you all as read. D


Lola Snow said...

I hope you'll be back, we miss you D. Blogging breaks are good, but let us know how you are from time to time.

Lola x

La-reve said...

Sending best wishes - missing your presence. x

Hannah said...

as always, take care and don't be a stranger!

took your advice by the way and I'm learning about metre, various feet, rhyme and forms - should have done this a while ago!

Hann xx

differentlysane said...

Come back, you're sorely missed.

Take care,

LoopyKate said...

Rather selfishly, I hope you decide to stick around for longer. But I do understand your weariness.It could just be 'a phase' and you might find a new lease of vitaity in the future and return reincarnated.

Mandy said...

Don't go, D

Pretty please

Or if you need to break away for a while come back.


Abysmal Musings said...

Thank you all.

@Lola - don't worry, I'll show my face from time to time. And you've been writing very movingly recently - I have been reading.

@La-reve - thanks - I'll be around.

@Hannah - I did? the dreaded scansion eh? Rules are there to be broken, but you can break them better if you know them, or something... well, that's my 2p.

@Differently - that's very kind.

@Loopy - I don't know - I just feel that I've shown myself in all my gnarliness too many times - and I never feel like writing when I'm down... perhaps I'll just degenerate into a what I had for dinner blog, or how I picked my nose this morning, or something - I'll try and make it entertaining though... I can't quite deal with the continual repetition and restatement of the problem that becomes an issue with blogging - if things are going to carry on roughly the same, you don't all need to hear the same syndromes, failings, cock-ups and nose-cuttings-off over and over again. But who knows?

@Mandy - well, since you asked so nicely. And yes I was being heartfelt but glib on your blog earlier. Will reply in a mo.

In general, been through a trough the last wee while. I'm not going to talk about it, nor the grisly details, but things seem to be on the mend.

Ok, enough! Take care all, D x