Thursday, 9 April 2009

As For Me...

It's been an interesting week or two, and still continuing. The taxman is threatening immediate bailiffs and ignoring his own guidelines with regards to dealing with people i) on benefits ii) with young families iii) with health problems.


I am coping rather well considering. I've finally got all the figures I need sorted to fill in the damned forms. I owe them less than I thought. About 7.5K instead of 10K. I can even go in with my figures and force those bastards to do the forms for me if my head explodes too much to do it. And the damned bailiff won't be let in if they 'neglect' to tell him he's not needed, or on any other pretext or account either! Gits!

Took the kids to London on Sunday - fine day out. Natural History Museum was good, apart from the dinosaur section, which was cattle-truck hell. I stamped on the toes of the people behind me who were kicking my heels, and whispered "Fucking fuckers" in the ears of anyone pushing past in that claustrophobic shithole.

Now I should go to bed, but who knows? Damned moon.


Hannah said...

I'm glad you had a good day out in London, I hate that place!
Hope the bailiffs stay away and you get the better of those insensitive money-grabbing gits.
On a brighter note, have a lovely Easter with lots of yummy chocolate and bunny fun!

Hann xx

Terra Incognita said...

Ah, I love ya.
In an internet way.
Stick it to the bastards, they deserve it.
I will be thinking of you.

lettersfromexile said...

Two words: GIANT MOUSETRAPS. *taps nose*

differentlysane said...

Have you been round to the CAB (Citizen's Advice), they might be useful, especially if the Inland Revenue aren't playing by their own rules.

As far as bailiffs are concerned, I remember reading somewhere that they aren't allowed into a property unless they are invited or can enter without breaking and entering or some such rule.

Anyway hope it all gets sorted.

Glad the trip to London was enjoyable.

Take care,

Abysmal Musings said...

Thanks Hann, I love that place, but thank the very stars I don't live there. Visiting is great, so long as it lasts less than 24 hours.

Terra - that's exactly the spirit that's needed. I've been doing my best.

La - SNAP!!!!!!! Ouch! I suppose I can rush them with my Smithfield's cleaver at that point!

Differently: our local CAB is useless. They recommend websites ffs. They don't fight on your behalf, which is the only reason you went to see them. I suppose some are better than others.

Good news to finish - discovered an invoice I hadn't entered for 5800! It's the guts of 2K knocked off the bill. I only found it when penning in the figures on the relevant return. I could not believe I'd paid my compadre so little. So went looking.

SEE! Those fucking taxmen. I am not compos mentis! BASTARDOS CUNTOS! GITOS! WANKEROSOSOS!

Thank you all for the support, and apologies for the potty mouth. D x