Thursday, 16 April 2009

Self Indulgent Narky Narci Ning Nang Nong

I repaired to my seat in Wales for a few days, therefore to chastise the flesh with flame and cold water and hard drink and the joyful antics of three extremely exhausting small boys plus the demands of a delightfully tiring and tired wife. The taxman thing has lo and behold sent me up (fighting) and down (despairing) = mixed. Sing while the May is on the bushes, I say.

Picture means nothing about me apart from a general pose of shittiness. In fact it was prompted by a discussion I was having with Kate on the way back from the Diana and Actaeon exhibit at Compton Verney (sorry can't be arsed to find links! Google!) There was no male nakedness, and she was wondering why not - we decided it was intentional to highlight the inherent sexism of looking and nakedness in the history of art... yawn... and I said "I shall redress the balance." I could have been bolder, but didn't want to frighten the horses.

What else is new? Home again, some form for the incapben to fill in, another taxfine, more shit of a bureaucratic nature, but spring hath gentle sprung, and what that aprille with her showers soote the droct of march hath perced to the roote etc so goodnight

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LoopyKate said...

Gawd that's a bleak pictyure. I remember spending much of last week in simular foetal scrunch.
BTW - if there's any queries/info re. the incapben/tax merriments you'd like to cop hold of, I might be able to pursue it. I'm by no means qualiied as of yet to administer formal and complete advice, but I do have priveleged access to many of the obscure and labyrinthine information systems and advice compendians otherwise kept under lock and key from the uninitiated. They frequently reveal back-passages, escape routes and surprising arms caches unbeknown to common folk (and usually withheld by bungling, half-witted, intellectually and morally impoverished bureaucrats). Downside is that, in my eager, neophyte explorations and excursions, I'm liable to get lost in these caverns measureless to man and drown in the sunless sea.
There's quite alot of new stuff going down to help skint bastards out just now mind (which, naturally the brutish cunts don't tell you about).
Well you have my contact if there's owt I can (try to) do.
Hope you're weller (not Paul, although i did fancy him a bit when I was younger).