Friday, 3 April 2009


Semi out of the shithole. Enough to apologise to anyone to whom it's owed.

My head is killing me. It's that sensitized thing - constant burning - turns into flash-fires everytime the hint of adrenaline is involved. IF ANY DOCTOR OR NEUROLOGIST HAS A CLUE THEN FUCKING EMAIL ME!!! I blame beating the head on the wall back in Feb 08 personally. That's when it started. I've gone and bloody brain-damaged myself.

Done squiddly fuckall to the tax returns - I would have been just as likely to set fire/wipe bum/eat tho not in that order I hope.

I just am so grateful that I have the family support that gives me peace and quiet when I need it. Correction: WHEN I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED IT. They never give peace or quiet otherwise, and neither should they.

Oh well... not out of the gnarly woods, but can hear the birds singing, the rook, the jackdaw, heard larks yesterday, soon be cuckoo time. Take care all.

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