Sunday, 26 April 2009

The Joys of Spring Cleaning

We're moving everyone to different rooms. The boys have ours, we've gone to the spare room, and what was the boys' old room is now full of all the shite that was hiding under the beds etc. But funny the stuff you find:

Did this about ten years ago. Perfectly awful - the only saving grace is the way it looks as if Eve has just pooed that crab-apple out. Well. It makes me laugh.

This I was messing about with earlier:

Oh well, must go! Head is fizzing merrily today. Take care all. D x

p.s. Edit - I thought I destroyed this ages ago - K tells me she rescued it from my destructive self-criticism a number of times. Looks rather pleasant - river, sun, blanket, wine, warm skin... mmm come on weather, warm up!


LoopyKate said...

Oh my - the-apple pooping Eve is fantastic!Is she dipping her feet in the pond or have they been amputated?
Even so, there's sound rendering of human form in both pieces.

Abysmal Musings said...

I can't do feet, so presto! a pond!

Hannah said...

You talented thing you!
The feet trick is a clever one - I'm useless at hands - they're always in pockets or hidden behind backs lol!
Hann x

Abysmal Musings said...

Thanks Hann - I remember doing them - it was fun - I should have been making violins - but somehow listening to Bach's Matthew Passion for the first time knocked me so far sideways I got distracted with paint for the first time for a couple of weeks.

I know they're awful, but somehow they make me want to have another go.

It's the only way to depict reality as you experience it - photography only goes so far - the impersonal character of the medium (meant literally as a contradiction) interposes itself.

Ah well, night all, D x

Hannah said...

yes do some more!