Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Crappy Auld Day

But could have been worse. Weird letters from the tax computer. Don't they communicate with the computer? No? Figures. Head on a wee wild trip. No matter. IB form to fill in, and was already angry with them. Why? Oh, who needs reasons? It was when I started sarcastically filling in the 'soiling myself' box then scribbling all over it I realised the day was going from bad to worse. And why on earth do they need to know if I'm dexter or sinister? Bastards! Felt like treating the kids and family so we had a Bengal takeaway. Doesn't happen often, but a treat when it does. Had an email containing a diary my grandmother kept in 58. Strange experience to read. Time travel feels so much more personal when it's family, don't you find?

Have a tune:

Keep safe all, Dx


Kate said...

Hello D,
Sorry about the IB form (not that it's my fault or owt). Only consolation I can offer you is that at least you got ill before last October when they scrapped Incapben and replaced it with the somewhat more sinister 'Employment Support Allowance'.
I was looking for your email address here (and couldn't find it)since I foolishly lost all my contacts when I rashly wiped my account in last week's attack of paranoia. I've subsequently opened a new one but am loathe to publicise details until attack is properly over. If you're not shy, perhaps you could remind me of yours in this space then I can keep in touch proper. I check into your blog regularly since I'm using your blogroll (it being mostly same as my old one) to keep up to date with the ward. I'll get my own soon enough (and you needn't concern yourself with that wierdo stalker from South Yorks)!
Hope you're feeling better.

depressionetal said...

Reminds me of the cursed recorder at primary school. Curs-ed because it was annoying, not cursed as in it came to life at night, floated up out of my school bag and started whistling an eerie tune in my ear. Let's be clear.

Hope things work out better for you soon,

Louise x

Abysmal Musings said...

Secret Agent Ontherun: email address is forename@forenamesurname.co.uk - but you'll have to remember my names! Well you know the first, clue for the second: 1st Atlantic flight 1919.

Thanks Louise. Tin whistle is miles more pleasant than recorder imo!

Oh well, 1.5 hours sleep. Two visits from CPN in as many days. What's going on?!

Take care all, Dx

Kate said...

Thanks - I've got it. Will make contact v. soon.