Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Devilish Dopamine, Sunny Seratonin, Naughty Noradrenaline

Yeah, I know it's more complicated than that. But (kiss) keep it simple stupid and it's a working model good enough for me.

Devilish Dopamine is quite a card, but rather scatty. Always rushing from one party to another, so full of ideas his head is emptied by the roaring noise of static. He is far too eager for everything. Like a cracked vessel he fills himself but never fills.

Sunny Seratonin is a pleasant chap with a hideous shadow. Either he breezes along, unconcerned, serene, or huddles, crushed, diminished and worthless in the corner. As far as I'm concerned he doesn't get on well with Devilish Dopamine - they usually shun each others company. For others they may well be habitual and perverse bedfellows.

Naughty Noradrenaline never goes to bed. He loves to dance. He loves to run. He loves to howl at the moon. When he hides away he crumples, paralysed.

Now, a little fable.

Devilish Dopamine had been up to all his old tricks. He raised a brazen trumpet, beat a stone drum, crashed a copper cymbal, painted horrible loud designs across the wall until Naughty Noradrenaline popped out to see what all the chaos was.

"Ah, Naughty Noradrenaline!" Devilish Dopamine hooted and sang, "Let the Wild Rumpus begin!" (And what those naughty boys got up to, I would be ashamed to recount.)

In the morning, Sunny Seratonin, who had been on holiday in the Seychelles for so long the others barely recognised him wandered up the garden path, tilting a cocksure panama over a good-humoured smile.

"I say old chaps, haven't you been making rather enough of a nuisance of yourselves for one day?"

Now this is where the story cracks to a halt because I don't know if Sunny Saucy Seratonin will disgust Dirty Dopamine and Nasty Noradrenaline so they bugger off for a bit, or if all three will take it into their tiny heads to make a party of it.

But my mood has lifted - and all together lads! sing now! "Soft landings...! Soft landings...!"

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