Sunday, 3 May 2009


Ok you have probably noticed that I am up to a minor degree. 1/2 a wine box and a glass of whisky has kept me legal. But it disgusts me. It revolts me. But it's still far, far better than the medication 'they' peddle. What amazes me is that I'm still not drunk. Why? Well I know why, and it's called mania. Where does that energy come from? Surely there is a source. I hate the drugs. And I hate the commonplace drugs too. I try to make all my posts Honest. This is another. Self-medication. It works to an extent... But then what? When you awake full-fired from your yawn of crapness? Drink more? No! Way! Hose! Then you start dancing. Then you start stripping off. Then you go for a 6 mile run over the fields.

I'm sorry my life is so sad and vibrant, but that is how it is.
D x

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LoopyKate said...

I've been hit with the springtime hypers as well and I'm both loving and hating it. Loving it because it is such a relief from the winter depression I was so blatantly steeped in for 3 months but hating it for the random fizziness of the energy which I can't seem able to gather and direct towards a single purposeful goal.
I drank a full bottle of wine in an hour and a half yesterday afternoon then, come tea-time I fancied that I needed a drink, fully forgetting I'd just necked my quota for the week.
Even so, I would never, never countenacnce running naked through these mean streets. I would likely be stoned to pulp (stoned as in receiving hard mineral projectiles, not smouldering psychoactive vegetables).
A sad, vibrant existence sounds about right.
There's no need to be sorry. I'm not.