Sunday, 3 May 2009


I learned this trick 20 years ago.

Cut an inch and a half slice of bread. Butter it up well. Cover thickly with cheddar. Eat in nine bites. Nine Bites. NINE BITES. That last is very important. It gives a different perspective on cheddar and bread. Obviously, buy good bread, but why wouldn't ye? Good bread is an essential. I make lots. But hate eating the synthetic supermarket shite-for-bread they pretend is bread.


Ruby Tuesday said...

I'd want my melted and toasted and sans butter, but maybe that defeats the point? x

colouredmind said...

Mmmn. Bread and cheese. But I want mine on thick brown with ham and then very mature cheddar melted over mine. Hannah X

Hannah said...

I can feel the indigestion creeping in just thinking of that hunk of demon white!