Sunday, 31 May 2009

Here Be Dragons

On a light-hearted note, the boys asked me to draw a dragon this afternoon. I always think traditional British dragons should look something between a lion and a ramshackle donkey - which WWI quote is that from? Oh well, always best to finish a month on a prime-number. Take care all, Dx


Mandy said...

I likes dragons I do (being one meself)

And I have to say that is a pretty nifty dragon you went and drew. x

Hannah said...

that's cool! I like him!

La-reve said...

Good drawing D, off to pets at home to look for one, would frighten off any pestering health workers. And do a mean barbie. x

Abysmal Musings said...

Thanks all! I like him too. The smudge on the face was when a boy (the boy who made me draw the dragon) took it away to proudly show it off, and then somehow stood on the face of the dragon and lo, there was no face. So I drew a new face.

Dragons also should speak. I don't like these modern filmic dragons which are just firebreathing dinosaurs. Dragons should be cunning and shrewd and nasty, like Smaug and Chrysophylax, etc.