Saturday, 30 May 2009

Part of Me

Part of me just feels shit for having bowed under the weight. I see, hear and my heart fills with pride at all the people I know who forge on regardless. What went wrong? The damned diagnostic lifebelt? The ridiculous excuse that explains but doesn't excuse? Ah, balls to it. I'll forge on myself, soon.

(Don't you just love the sunny optimism of a May morning? Wish I'd slept though. Busy day today.)


Ruby Tuesday said...

May is apparently an arse. June soon. x

eccedentesiat said...

Balls to it indeed. Take care x

Kate said...

The diagnosis is indeed a bitch, casting a long shadow of doubt over the good and the bad of our lives. I've decided to stick two fingers up at it now as I just can't see a use for it. Besides, mine only came about a few years ago after a big long list of other 'wrong' diagnoses. So who's to say this is the right one or that when the trends change or the old docs are replaced by the new, I might not get another entirely different one? Doubtless it's more straightforward for some and the tools on offer go someway to fixing what's broke.
You will forge on. The alternstives are not appealing.
We've nearly made it through the may-time and onto the june plateau. And you've got rather good at makng pots.

La-reve said...

Don't really know what to say D, except I hate the futility of diagnosis too. sending you a hug if that's ok. :)x