Saturday, 30 May 2009


Been overdoing it socially recently - and been paying back the ear-bending side of the equation by being a good listener for the last thirty-six hours. Sleep has been at strange times, but at least I'm getting some. Drank far too much late into the dawn last night listening to stories of sixties London Bolshevik Splitters told with festoons of fecking feck and fecking feck accompaniment - I expect the neighbours of our Cotswold village were hiding under their beds. Hilarious night.

Built part of a wall for a friend who was a waller. He has developed a psychic allergy to his old occupation. I know the feeling and sympathise.

Back home, ate bread and salad and epoisses in the last sunlight of the evening. Fell asleep briefly but intensely for half-an-hour. Now feel settled and ok, and maybe even ready for bed in an hour or so.

Tomorrow another cousin has a birthday, so a day and night of that to come. I'm sure the powers-that-be would tut and tell me to take it easy, but feck it, the weather's gorgeous, the bad old month of may is almost over, people are amazing, and I'm just enjoying it while it lasts.

Take care everyone Dx


Kate said...

Oh just feck it! I'm celebrting the end of the merry auld month too. Just returned from a 5 mile hike after an evening swigging in the woods. In brief installments people are delightful company.

Abysmal Musings said...

Ah, sounds good. Apparently there is karaoke lined up for tomorrow night - I've never seen, heard, or taken part in that ghastly concept - partly through a sense of glacial disdain and trepidation at actually enjoying it. We shall see. I wonder if they'll have 'Nobody's Fault But Mine?' :-) But my favourite Aunt will be there, and she's always a delight. I think she's one of the very few people who's read ALL my crazy poems, including the completely bonkers ones (I do prune, believe it or not). A star above stars in the heavens, bless her.