Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Pots and New Blog

I've just started a pottery blog: Throwing Up. Here's a post. I'll probably still keep ranting about throwing on here too, but good to have a 'dedicated' space I suppose.

Busy day. Made a 12lb flagon bottle cider jar thing this morning. Felt like trying a big lump of clay. Not sure why, but it always feels one learns more with the bigger lumps. Didn't go too well, but came home this evening, had a look at it and had a moment of inspiration (the word of course derived from the gods breathing into you) so kissed the top and exhaled into the pot. Whether it was the pint of beer I'd had earlier that made it shudder and rise on tiptoe in high dudgeon, or if it was just pleased to see me, I do not know, but it worked! The shoulders were a tad slumpy before, but they've perked up nicely. I shall of course name this technique "giving the pot a blowjob". (Have just googled, and there seems to be a grand tradition of doing this). http://www.montefin.com/pottery/info/montefins-pottery-glossary.html#b

Put a sprig around the rather pathetic rim of the 7lb jug I made yesterday and handled it. Also tried rolling it forward on the front edge after reading about medieval jugs and the way some of their bases were designed for ease of pouring without lifting. Think I'll try painting a couple of apple trees on it.

Little 2lb jar with first attempt at sgraffito. This one is too damn light. I nearly smash it on the ceiling when I pick it up. There is throwing thin, and then there is unpleasant. I love the way one pushes the boundaries - higher, thinner - and then learns when to draw back again for strength, comfort, rightness.

Anyway, I'm an ignoramus - as this post probably shows. But I'm enjoying learning in my ignorant little bubble at the moment. I'm probably trying things I shouldn't be contemplating at the moment, but by heck it's fun.


Kate said...

Oops - meant 'wedding' (unfortunate slip there!)

Kate said...

You must have enough pots for the weddong at Cana.What are you going to do with them all?

Abysmal Musings said...

pps sell them maybe?

Abysmal Musings said...

Weddong? Ha! p.s. I keep hearing the Mission Impossible music when I see your screenname.