Saturday, 2 May 2009

Spider Web Still Standing

Feel rather blasted, dessicated, exhausted, a ghost of sorts still somehow forcing his way through the intricate air.

Photos from today:

Feel definitely in the mood that movement is essential. Can't dare stop at the moment. Running on empty.

Oh I'm well enough, I think - I wouldn't like to be assessed at present. Have appointment with damn psych in 10 days - hoping I'll be more restive by then. At least I'm getting some sleep.

Wondering what to do with my misbegotten hundred-times-stalled life. What should I bloody do? Any suggestions? Perhaps I should train as a pig-flu-short-fund-manager-oil-prospector-donkey-delivery-service-operative?

I'm so tired. The damn carousel keeps turning. And there is no getting off. And the fair is gay enough, the fun is fun, the noise, heat, smells all interest - just this ridiculous gossamer spiderweb shadow full of holes for the winds of every moment to blow through is tired.

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eccedentesiat said...

Just wanted to return the popping-by favour. Also in the psych-seeing run up. It's no fun.
Take care x