Sunday, 17 May 2009

Weekend Photos Again

Nothing to write about me except feeling a bit flat. The world looms up into an unfriendly shape once again. But we'll come through. Thought I'd share a few photos from today.

The boys were monsters today.

And this one, though he looks like butter wouldn't etc with his bunch of lilac.

Pot detail.

Two pots - the decorated one I chose the old Adam and Eve theme with the snake - I think it should be a winejug called The Temptation Jug.

The other one I made this morning, from the same amount of clay as the other, leaps and bounds, leaps and bounds. Didn't go as well as I hoped. But still, the girth and height increases. I did hear some good feedback from the college lecturers when K took some of mine in for firing. Something like "that's end of degree standard" etc cough cough cough. Blushes.

Personally I think that says more about that college than it does about my cack-handed three-months-in throwing abilities. I'm a great critic. My bete noir and one of my most useful attributes!

Keep safe everyone. Dx


colouredmind said...

Thhey are wonderful. Hannah X

Abysmal Musings said...

I hope you mean the kids! Eh, send me your email for an invite to the traws party. D x

werehorse said...

I like the pots, I am envious of you having clay and a wheel and the space to use it (and the kids are beautiful)

Mandy said...

Hi D

Your kids are lovely.

Know what you mean about feeling flat. Has been a bit like that here. I think I have card maker's block..if there is such a thing. I did make some but didn't feel much creative flow whilst doing so.

There'll be other more motivated days


eccedentesiat said...

You're children are gorgeous! I love their hair :)

lettersfromexile said...

When will you start taking commissions?

Abysmal Musings said...

werehorse - am running out of clay! But you're right - I am lucky.

Mandy - these days come, these days go. It's keeping perspective that helps - I always try to remember there'll be a better day if today is shite.

Eccedentalist - strangely you're not the first to remark on their hair - the hours I won't get back being stopped in the street by people admiring their hair. :-) Actually, it's one of my favourite things, walking down the road with those three. Heads TURN.

La - asap for pots. :-) Actually, excited tonight, will get some back from a firing tomorrow - never seen any of mine 'finished' yet!

Take care all, Dx