Friday, 12 June 2009

Dreams, Dreams...

"I have a recurring dream": that I can't get to sleep.

But here are some strange awake dreams while trying to get to sleep for the nth night running - dreaming while staring at the dawn coming through the cream blanket hung as curtain...

Bette Davis (me) threatened by Cary Grant (me) with gun in a lift. Through Cary's (my) eyes see Bette (me) somehow lay Cary (me) out with a vicious wee uppercut and Bette (me) watches Cary (me) crumple to the lift floor. Think split mirror view as crumple happens. One folds conically into the other.

Building: an arcade, or shopping centre, or hospital, every turn and corner blizzarding and blitzing with violently smashing glass and crockery - bang-flung than manorwoman-flung. Dodge and dodge and duck and run - still end up with a complete dinner service in my scalp. It hurt, physically in the dream, like lumpy burning. Blinded by blood, even flowing from my ears. Someone on a helpdesk, who appears to be Madonna?!? pulls a large piece of broken bottle from my head, and waves me on through.


Apart from that, I'm ok. And I don't like madonna.

Take care all


JamesEnsor said...


Abysmal Musings said...

No no no, other peoples' dreams are BORING! That is the rule we're taught, and by gum, I'll repeat it. But I'm glad you find it interesting, honestly, metaphorically, sarcastically, ironically, explicatory, or what.

I don't find it interesting, personally. No, that's wrong, I find it interesting that dreams like that don't frighten me. Nightmares always involve other people that I'm powerless to save from something horrible. Dreams involving me are a breeze.