Sunday, 28 June 2009


Interesting article.

This is a drug company's dream come true. They would undoubtedly find ways of penetrating the huge new markets with medications having largely unproven benefit and very substantial side effects.

This is the first time I have felt the need to make any comments on DSM‐V. Even when the early steps in the DSMV process seemed excessively ambitious, secretive, and disorganized, I hoped that I could avoid involvement and believed that my successors deserved a clear field. My unduly optimistic assumption was that the initial problems of secrecy and lack of explicitness would self‐correct and that excessive ambitions would be moderated by experience. I have decided to write this commentary now only because time is beginning to run out and I fear that DSM‐V is continuing to veer badly off course?and with no prospect of spontaneous internal correction. It is my responsibility to make my worries known before it is too late to act on them. What is needed now is a profound mid‐term correction toward greater openness, conservatism, and methodological rigor. I would thus suggest that the trustees of the American Psychiatric Association establish an external review committee to study the progress of the current work on DSM‐V and make recommendations for its future direction.

Wrote by the laddy wot wrote DSM IV that in one form or another we are currently struggling under. Drug companies must be laughing their balls off at the future prospect.

Lay bets. Will my kids be being treated forcibly in 10 years time for being my kids?

This world is making me feel violent.


Alison Rising said...

Oh, this is very disturbing indeed. But somehow, not all that surprising...

Mossy Mom said...

Yippee my diagnosis will be eliminated in the DSM V! I'll be cured. (Actually I don't know what my current DX is and I don't want to know.)