Tuesday, 2 June 2009

I Had A Dream

Well, last night. It was so transparent. I went round to my mother's flat, with the children. It wasn't her flat - her flat is full of light and white and clean linen - this one was dirty and foul. I had to use the toilet. The toilet was broken. It was detached from its pedestal in such a way that one had to hold the basin up above the sump.

Needless to say, while merrily crapping, the toilet shifted, and my crap fell on the floor, and my youngest child smeared it all over the place (and his face).

I wonder what this dream was telling me? :-O

Don't get me wrong, I still love my mother. Maybe not in the innocent way that everyone loves their mother, but I love her nonetheless, abidingly, and truly.

I feel bad for having that dream, but it was an honest one, I think.

It's unfair to judge her by my dream. I'm the only worm under the magnifying glass of judgement here.

Take care all, Dx


themadandwild said...

I don't believe that dreams have some inherent meaning. After all, how many dreams are there that you forget, or partially forget?

Of course, if your having the same dream over and over again, that's a different story.

differentlysane said...

i think it isn't so much inherent meaning, more the meaning we ascribe to our dreams - which is a deeply personal thing.

Take care,