Sunday, 28 June 2009

If Any Of You Think The Countryside Is Quiet...

... think again.

The bloody woodpigeons, the blackbirds, tits, rooks, jackdaws... My head is hurting.

And as for the visual noise... mist with dawn light... summer trees looming like weird gods.

Olafactory? Our rosebushes keep telling me to go out and sniff them.

I'm tired. Or I mean, my body is tired. The brain has a way to go yet.

Keep safe everyone. I hope you're all ok. Dx


cb said...

As I read this, in the heart of the city, I'm listening to a drunk scream abuse to someone (or possibly no-one) and have learnt a few new swear words - oh and in the background the dulcet sirens of the police cars wailing through the shouts. I think the club across the road has just turfed people out for the evening.
I want to hear the birds!
Take care

Abysmal Musings said...

I can only assume you don't understand bird-language! It's fecking this and fecking that!

Not to mention the rabbit screams as the stoats suck their jugulars!

I'm feeling due a peaceful weekend in my mum's flat at a busy intersection where the sirens go all night to be honest...

The ugliness makes you want to get the head down.

Out here, the delight keeps you up.

I know what you mean thought. I wasn't trying to be smug. Dx

Abysmal Musings said...

(though, not thought, obviously)

Hannah said...

2 young foxes fighting outside my window in the early hours, noisy little yobs!

depressionetal said...

I'm in a town and some birds have taken up residence in the eaves near my window.
Window shut = no twitter twitter twitter
Window open = I have half a chance of getting cool enough to fall asleep.
I thought birds slept and got up early. THEY DON'T. I theorise they either stay up on 'E' all day and night, like some demented group of summer ravers; or, maybe they're taking it in shifts to sleep...

bipolarlife said...

For over a year there was a group of usually drunk, 20-something girls living next door who liked to party below my bedroom window. They also liked to play Garage Band at the top of their lungs with the windows open until 5 in the morning. One had a laugh that is more commonly ascribed to a hyena. Otherwise they were pretty nice, if clueless.

I'd rather have dealt with birds.

David said...

Bipolarlife - I meant to post you a shotgun last year... Must get down to the post office pronto.

Hope you're well btw.