Friday, 26 June 2009

My Last Word On All Of This Shite

I'm an urban guerilla
I make bombs in my cellar
I'm a derelict dweller
I'm a potential killer
I'm a street fighting dancer
I'm a revolutionary romancer
I'm society's cancer
I'm a two-tone panther
So let's not talk of love and flowers
And things that don't explode
We've used up all of our magic powers
Trying to do it in the road

I'm a political bandit
And you don't understand it
You took my dream and canned it
It is not the way I planned it
I'm society's destructor
I'm a petrol bomb constructor
I'm a cosmic light conductor
I'm the people's debt collector
So watch out Mr. Business Man
Your empire's about to blow
I think you'd better listen, man
In case you did not know

Good old Bob Calvert.


Abysmal Musings said...

My wife has already told me that I was listening to teenage music. So don't start on me, ok? :-)

Mandy said...

Hi D

That is the dog's you know what's of a poem.

With reference to, set and match all in one.


actionreplay said...

Hawkwind are DH's favourite band. He is a big Bob Calvert fan.

Seemingly the planned release of this track unfortunately co-incided with the IRA blowing up central London and so it was quickly pulled.

DH now feels the need to play the track for me as I mentioned it...